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Allspark Fire Solutions Pty Ltd is an Australian privately owned and operated company. With our based located in Sydney, Allspark Fire Solutions is a progressive firm with the company philosophy being “an ounce of prevention is worth a tonne of action”.

The company specializes in providing self-activating portable fire extinguishing products in domestic, commercial, residential, and industrial settings. Our star products are P.I.E. and Powkler. Compared with traditional fire extinguishers, P.I.E. and Powkler excel in self-activating, proactive prevention, instant extinguishing, and easy application.

Over the past years we have been supplying to many households, commercial and industrial customers through our recognized distributors/sellers in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland as well as WA. Some of our valued customers include Australian Department of Defence, one of Australian Big Four banks, and a space rocket company, etc.  At Allspark, we are in constant pursuit of top quality, best product performance and customer support.